In celebration of this we have partnered with Medical City and Medtronic to have the first ever Tarrant Area Parkinson’s Symposium. We are in our final stages of creating the agenda, confirming sponsors and event preparations.

I want to encourage your support of this grand endeavor with hosting assistance and distribution of the publicity to our area churches and civic organizations. Happy Spring and thanks for all you do to support our group.

Parkinson’s Awareness Week surrounds World Parkinson’s Day, which takes place this year on Wednesday, April 11th.

Each year, Parkinson’s groups work to ensure that they reach more people that are affected by the condition – directly or through a loved one – and raise funds to provide better treatments, through ever more vital research. Parkinson’s disease is indiscriminate. It affects one in 500 people – that’s up to 14 million people worldwide. There are three key symptoms of Parkinson’s: an involuntary shaking movement in one or more parts of the body; stiff or inflexible muscles; and slower or less co-ordinated body movement.

If you think that you or a loved one have these signs, get in touch with your doctor immediately – it’s something that can thankfully be managed by doctors, and you can continue to live a great quality of life.

Sandie Hampton, RN